Breathing Room

Breathing Room is a site-specific sculptural exchange set between the artist’s apartment in Ypsilanti, MI and Slusser Gallery in Ann Arbor, MI. Drawing upon personal narrative, the work is expressed through sculptural installation, written reflection, and choreographed interaction. 

This month-long sculptural exchange began when viewers made an appointment to embark on an hour-long journey, curated by the artist. On the day and time of their appointment participants retrieved a key from one location and were then picked up and transported to the artists' apartment. Upon entering the home they encountered a completely empty apartment, bare of any traces of an inhabitant except for a small velvet-lined hole in the middle of a room. Next to the hole lay a pair of silver tweezers and inside rested a diamond.

Based on a personal narrative of the artists, viewers were placed in an environment that offered them the freedom to assess the possibilities and risks involved with leaving or removing this tiny weighted object. During the viewers time in the apartment, the artist sat at a desk in the gallery that they will return to, writing a personalized letter to the viewer about their current journey and the artists own personal memories of the apartment. Upon the viewers return the artist is gone, but the letter remains. Part conversation, part testimony, Breathing Room gives time to a life lived in a space and the complicated negotiations of sharing it with others.

The minimal objects used and their placement pulled directly from personal artifacts and the various uses of pressure in relation to transformations. Floorboards take on the weight of those who walk over them while simultaneously supporting the walls of the room, keeping its structure intact. Diamonds form over time from the weight of intense heat and force. Starting as fragile carbon and slowly hardening into more crystalized structures.  Homes, relationships, and agreements are all formed in the same way. Shaky and loose until a framework begins to bind them together and slowly erect itself.

(Key images from journey below)